Live for RealSM


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The Live for Real philosophy is a simple yet powerful idea—it means living a healthier, more-fulfilling life.

Sharing successes and passions with others just like you. Committing to making a better world for everyone around us.

Don't just live. Live for Real.

We invite you to explore a world of extraordinary opportunity through Mannatech, sharing the hope of life-changing technologies with others around the world.

What sets us apart?

At its heart, Mannatech is about real commitment. Commitment with our world-class Associates who care deeply about offering real wellness solutions to others. Commitment to the community and the world that is reflected by our relationship with various charities. And finally, the commitment that brings our patented technology together with food-sourced ingredients to create the healthiest, most nutritional products and supplements possible.

The right ingredients, the right commitment, the right company—Mannatech

At Mannatech, our commitment to excellence shows in everything we do:

  • Pioneered the concept of Real Food TechnologySM solutions by combining the goodness of nature with the power of science
  • Revolutionized the dietary supplement industry with our Ambrotose® products
  • Believes so passionately in our products we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee behind them
  • Provides an award-winning compensation plan to help people fund their wellness program
  • Supports over 500,000 Associates globally who are committed to experiencing and sharing wellness solutions

f‡Mannatech guarantees your full satisfaction. If not completely satisfied, contact Customer Care and return the product within 180 days for a full refund. See Section 5.13 of the Associate Policies and Procedures or for details.

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