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Aloe vera, the ancient ingredient for total body benefits

Did you know that Aloe vera boasts over 200 beneficial natural bioactive benefits?* Mannatech has made supplementing with Aloe vera even better with our most powerful Ambrotose® formula to date, Ambrotose LIFE. This powerhouse blend not only includes the world's most active Aloe vera but also arabinogalactan, rice bran powder and sodium alginate. A single scoop taken once a day, every day, helps support enhanced general wellbeing that includes beneficial gut health, overall immune function, and improved mood.*

The world's most premium Aloe vera means you get more out of LIFE.

Ambrotose LIFE powder has the highest content of Manapol® in our Ambrotose product line. And what exactly is Manapol? It is the world's most premium, active source of the polysaccharide found in Aloe vera, Acemannan (and it's exclusive to Mannatech). Acemannan is a premium energy source for your body's cells - from head to toe and inside out!* Our Aloe vera is grown in the rich volcanic soils of Costa Rica, hand harvested and processed in a unique method that keeps its high potency intact.

Glycans help you feel great!

Scientific studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals about Ambrotose powders††, indicating that Ambrotose LIFE can:

  • Improve cognitive function*
  • Improve concentration and memory*
  • Improve mood and decrease irritability*
  • Support digestive function and gut health*
  • Promote beneficial gut bacteria*
  • Improve immune function*


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††These studies were conducted on Ambrotose Complex and Advanced Ambrotose powders. The core technology in these products is also the foundation for the Ambrotose LIFE formulation. Some of the studies were at least partially funded by Mannatech and product was provided by Mannatech.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.