TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Shake (Pumpkin Spice)


Product Information

Your favorite flavor is now in your favorite fat-loss shake! Celebrate the season by losing inches with our TruPLENISH Pumpkin Spice Nutritional Shake. Still boasting over 20 grams of protein to help keep you satisfied, the Pumpkin Spice Shake is seasonal and will be available for a limited amount of time. Start now so that in 30 days you’ll look amazing for those family holiday photos.

The TruPLENISH Pumpkin Spice Shake:

  • Helps reduce feelings of hunger and increases satiety.*
  • Promotes healthy weight loss, for a healthier, leaner body.*
  • Helps improve your body composition through the maintenance of lean muscle.*
  • Supports healthy weight management.*
  • Promotes healthy digestion.*
  • Is new and healthy habit forming.*
  • Helps you look and feel better.*
  • Suitable for vegans/vegetarians.
  • Does not include ingredients that were produced using biotechnology.
  • Is gluten free.
  • Is free from soy.
  • Is free from dairy or dairy-derived ingredients.
  • Is free from MSG.
  • Is free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.


Product Information Sheet

Supplemental Facts


When taken in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise